Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks Giving 2009

Thanksgiving (at this time of year) is an American holiday, but the concept of coming home for a time, observed by all members of a country regardless of race, colour, creed or football code is a great one.  Giving thanks for you have, have had, and the opportunities you hope to have yet to come home - should be cherished.

And I understand that no holiday can be celebrated with decorating the entire house... 
There fore there are patterns for Crochet Turkey Afghans, Crocheted Turkey TP covers, Crocheted Turkey door hangers and Crocheted Turkey Turkeys.  What caught my eye was the range of interpretation of what a Turkey actually looks like and obviously what yarn was available at hookin' time.

But for sheer  - Are you sure?-ness regarding the identity (genus, species, chordae) of the creature you are trying to render in DCs and acrylic - I give you :


Because nothing about this screams Turkey.


Noooooo - it looks more like:



Turkey ?







Happy Thanksgiving to you,

Be thankful for every thing you have, and everything you can do for someone else.